Working Papers



Call for working papers

If you have a research paper on post-growth economics that you want to receive feedback on, please consider submitting it to wpseries.pen[at]

Submission guidelines

1. Any submissions by PEN members of research papers that deal with the topic of post-growth economics are welcome.

2. Submissions can be made any time via sending an e-mail with the paper (as Pdf or Word) to wpseries.pen[at] 

3. Authors can choose their own formatting and referencing style, just be consistent. Submissions should conform to usual academic standards in terms of formatting, referencing, and academic honesty.

4. Once you submitted, there will be a non-anonymized review process after which authors receive feedback, and the paper will either be published as it is or will be invited to be revised and re-submitted.

5. The Working Paper Series will appear on our website once the first paper is published. Moreover, EconStor will fetch the papers from our website so that they also show up in the IDEAS RePEc database (the EconStor website is indexed by RePEc).

6. By publishing a working paper in our series, authors agree to be added to the pool of referees and may be asked by the board of editors to review future submissions.