Working Groups & Initiatives

Seminar group

The seminar working group organises regular PEN seminars, which are held online. The seminars can take different formats, such as research presentations followed by a Q&A session, or group discussions on selected topics. Everyone is welcome to present their work, whether you are a PhD student, a more experienced researcher or a practitioner working on post-growth topics. Giving a seminar is a great opportunity to obtain feedback on your work in a friendly atmosphere. If you would like to present your work at a seminar or would like to get involved, please get in touch.

Agent-based modelling group

The working group on agent-based modelling in post-growth economics meets once a month (first Wednesday) to talk about practical issues in research: Sharing information about conferences and journals, practical questions on programming or general model design questions. In between meetings, there is a slack-room to share ideas and information.

If are an agent-based modeler in the post-growth economics network interested in joining the group, please send us a message.

Communications group

We are currently in the process of setting up a communications group, which will be responsible for keeping the website up to date and promote the activities of PEN via social media channels and other means. We are looking for volunteers to help us set this up. If you are keen, please get in touch.

Working Paper Series

The PEN working paper series is coordinated by the editorial working group, which receives submissions, organises reviewers and publishes the final working papers. The working papers are reviewed by members from the network. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer or want to contribute to the editorial board, you can get in touch.

Reading circle group

The PEN Reading circle provides a friendly space to explore the postgrowth literature together.

Our informal 1-hour sessions usually take place every month. Upcoming sessions are announced on the PEN mailing list and here. We collectively decide on the next paper to be read and each session is chaired by a different person. The reading circle is a perfect place to meet and keep in touch with people sharing interest for postgrowth economics. Everyone is very welcome to join, whether you have been part of the network for years or you feel new to the “scene” ! For more information or if you’d like to share some papers with the PEN community, you can contact the coordination group

Coordination group

The coordination group is responsible for coordinating the overall activities of the network to make sure they are in line with our mission statement, code of conduct and organising principles. The members of the coordination group are elected by the members of the network and serve for two years in overlapping terms. That means that half of the coordination group positions are elected each year in the autumn. At the time of the election we are always looking for members to join the coordination group. Keep an eye on the mailing for details on nominations and the electoral process in the run-up to the election.

Growth Independence Network

This mailing list allows researchers and practitioners specifically interested in the topic of growth dependencies and/or growth independence to share information with each other and to organize shared activities like online network meetings or article groups.

Interested? Just write an (empty) e-mail to to join the list.