Starter kit

Here you can find reading suggestions to get you started with post-growth economics.

Post-growth is not a unified field. What is post-growth ?

  • Jackson T. 2016, Prosperity without growth (2nd edition), 350 pages, Routlege
  • Jackson T. 2021, Post growth: life after capitalism, 256 pages, Polity
  • Raworth K. 2017, Doughnut economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist, 384 pages, Random House Business
  • Victor P. 2019, Managing without growth: slower by design, not by disaster (2nd edition), 413 pages, Edward Elgar
  • Varoufakis Y. 2021, Another now: dispatches from an Alternative Present, 204 pages, Bodley Head

The degrowth lenses to post-growth: an overview

Topic starter kit: growth imperative

  • Blauwhof F. 2012, Overcoming accumulation: Is a capitalist steady-state economy possible?, Ecological Economics 84 (84), pp. 254–261. (“zero growth and capitalism are incompatible”)
  • Cahen-Fourot L., Lavoie M. 2016, Ecological monetary economics: A post-Keynesian critique, Ecological Economics 126, pp. 163–168. (“monetary creation alone does not create a growth imperative”)
  • Lawn P. 2011, Is steady-state capitalism viable?: A review of the issues and an answer in the affirmative, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1219 (1), pp. 1–25. (“well-regulated capitalism work without growth”)
  • Richters O. Siemoneit A. 2017, Consistency and Stability Analysis of Models of a Monetary Growth Imperative, Ecological Economics 136, pp. 114–125. (“the stability of zero growth depends on saving and investment decisions”)
  • Richters O., Siemoneit A. 2019, Growth imperatives: Substantiating a contested concept, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 51 pp. 126–137.
  • Smith R., Beyond Growth or Beyond Capitalism, Real-world economics review 53, pp. 28–42. (“steady-state capitalism is a fantasy”)
  • Strunz S., Bartkowski B., Schindler H. 2017, Is there a monetary growth imperative?, In Victor, Peter A.; Dolter, Brett (eds.). Handbook on growth and sustainability, Edward Elgar. pp. 326–355. (“the monetary growth imperative is still disputed”)
  • Svartzman, R., Ament, J., Barmes, D., Erickson, J., Farley, J., Guay-Boutet, C., and Kosoy, N. 2020. Money, interest rates and accumulation on a finite planet – Revisiting the ‘monetary growth imperative’ through institutionalist approaches, pp. 266–83, in Costanza, R., Erickson, J. D., Farley, J., and Kubiszewski, I. (eds.), Sustainable Wellbeing futures: a research and action agenda for Ecological Economics, Northampton, Edward Elgar Publishing. (“the monetary growth imperative should be understoond through the importance of interest for accumulation practices”)

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